Terry's Digital Photography Bootcamp:

Shari  "Just got home from a high-energy educational photography presentation hosted by Terry Halbert. Terry shared sound advice and tips for getting the best image in-camera with as little post processing as possible. The 3-hour presentation seemed like thirty minutes. So glad I went and would recommend the presentation to anyone that wants to get enthused and excited about landscape photography. Thank you, Terry!"

Artist, conservationist, and visual storyteller, Terry Halbert has taught more than 4,800 people to enjoy digital photography through his Digital Photography Bootcamp.”

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Jill   "This was a fantastic class. I'm not usually a note-taker, and I took 3 pages worth. Tons of great nuggets, and inspiration."

Mechell   "Absolutely enjoyed this! Lots of great information and feedback. Thank you so much, Terry Halbert, for taking the time to share with us! "

Kim  "I really enjoyed it....great class!"

Nina   "Thanks, Terry Halbert. The class was awesome and a lot of things to think about."

Kaylyn "The speaker is Terry Halbert from Twin Falls whom I attribute a lot of my success. He is an avid landscape photographer, speaker, teacher, member of the Twin Falls Fine Art Center, several major photography groups and he has traveled to every National Park in the nation. Most of all he enjoys sharing what he knows"

Peter  "I think everyone enjoyed your presentation and like myself got a lot of new ideas on promoting and advancing their photography. I and the club appreciate your generosity in making all this information available to us. You have impressive skills in teaching how to create a better career in photography. You may get contacted in the future with questions on various aspects of what you talked about."

Terry   " When you attend my Bootcamp I ask that you bring a willingness to learn, your camera and manual, and an open mind.  I promise to teach you what you came to learn, using every teaching technique I know to entertain you so I don't bore you, and inspire you to go forward and make wonderful images!


"Meet Your Photography Goals

at Your Own Pace!"

Michelle  "Thanks, Terry Halbert, for all the tips to help me get some fireworks photos, and you would be proud that I used my tripod".

Karolyn  "Had an incredible afternoon. I love to learn. Found someone who loves to teach. Someone who likes to teach and has knowledge is an awesome combination. Thank you, Terry Halbert. Armed with my new information, I am ready for the challenge." "Fantastic Beautiful Afternoon in the canyon Learning the things I need to know about Photography. Excellent teacher so patient and knowledgeable."

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2023 Wild Idaho Desktop Calendar

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I have traveled extensively throughout America capturing the American landscape in magnificent color. True works of art that draw you in and add life to any room in your home or office. They awaken your senses, inspire you with nature's serenity or force, and leave you with a greater appreciation for our country and its beauty!

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