Meet conservationist and visual storyteller Terry Halbert - Terry Halbert

Welcome - Thank you for visiting my website

I am an artist based in southern Idaho specializing in American Landscape Photography. Photography is personal for me - continuously pushing boundaries, experimenting with new techniques, learning from my own experiences, continually being inspired by the work of others, and sharing what I have learned with my fellow photographers. Please take a look around. Hopefully, you will find something here that will inspire you. If you are interested in purchasing any of my images, they are available in the "Image Galleries" feature. There are a number of options, including multiple sizes as well as different media (paper, canvas, acrylic, and metal). Just click on the "Buy" button below the photos. 

My Mission:

Through my photography of the extraordinary

American Landscapes

is to inspire people emotionally to take action.

Meet conservationist and visual storyteller Terry Halbert

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